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September 09, 2021

Are Smart Locks Worth It In Augusta

Are you thinking of upgrading your locks? In the past, you only had the choice to use traditional keyed locks. With that being said, if you want the latest in technology, you can get a smart lock that can integrate into your home security system.

But are smart locks worth it in Augusta? Or are you wasting your hard-earned money on needlessly confusing gadgets?

Ordinary Locks Versus Smart Locks in Augusta

When it comes to door locks, you will find various choices. But nearly all entryways are made secure by a handle lock and a key deadbolt, a push-button deadbolt, or a smart solution integrated into your home security. Turn the key on a standard deadbolt, and the metal bar enters past a strike plate which is connected to your frame. The bolts are sometimes a door handle lock that’s spring-loaded, which means the door is more difficult to break open with a a crowbar or other device. If you would prefer not having to fiddle around with a traditional keyed lock, you have the option of getting a touch-pad solution that triggers the bolt through a 3- or 4-number code.

Smart locks are connected devices that replace your traditional entry locks. Similar to touchpad solution, you punch in a preset code to gain access. But with a smart lock, you get to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi or your overall security package to bring even more functionality. By using a mobile app, you can:

● Remotely lock and unlock your door

● Program in unique keycodes for occupants and frequent visitors

● Get a phone text if your door is unlocked

● Set short-term entry codes for guests

In What Situations Are Smart Locks Worth It In Augusta?

If you are thinking about using one or two smart locks instead of ordinary locks, you may or may not think they are worth the effort. It would be convenient to remotely unlock your doors, but the make and model play a big role in how reliable they will be. When going with a single solution not integrated to your security, make sure that your smart lock utilizes up-to-date encryption and is operated with a mobile application that is updated often.

But you should know, the greatest benefit of a smart lock is experienced when you link it to your property’s complete security package. Now you can make your locks interact with your additional security elements to enhance your protection and make your life easier. For instance, when your smart doorbell camera identifies someone coming up to your main entrance, your smart locks are able to click shut automatically. You can also initiate geotracking on your security system mobile app and unlock your front door as you approach in your car. You even have the option to instruct an alarm to go off if a guest attempts to enter the wrong lock code numerous times.

Essentially, a smart lock is worth it in Augusta if you incorporate it to your home security system!

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